Pupil Premium Handbook

Sophie Christiansen

Sophie Christiansen

‘I am proud to be the ambassador for
Inclusion Expert’

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Chapter 1

What you need to know

  • Everything you, your governors and your stakeholders need to know about the Pupil Premium
  • Researching for Pupil Premium policy typically involves gathering information from a wide variety of sources. We've put all the information you need in one place.
Chapter 2

Putting your school into context

  • Effectively engage your stakeholders
  • Demonstrate to Ofsted that you are truly a community school
Chapter 3

Researching your students

  • Articulate your hard data to your best advantage
  • Utilising soft data to demonstrate the impact of everything you do
Chapter 4

Analysing your research

  • Analysis, trends and conclusions from whole-school data
  • Articulating your analysis in key stages, year groups, individuals and intersectional inclusion groups
Chapter 5

Spending your Premium

  • Using the funding appropriately
  • Intervention strategies and case studies
  • Demonstrating the impact of your interventions for stakeholders and Ofsted
Chapter 6

Monitoring spending

  • Whole-school tracking and monitoring systems
  • Financial and provision mapping made easy
Chapter 7

Demonstrating impact

  • Fulfilling statutory requirements
  • Preparing your Ofsted and governors report