Full details and FAQs

The Handbook is easy to navigate: you’ll be able to find information quickly, and move from chapter to chapter with ease. Each of the seven chapters contains: introductory information, comprehensive guidance, case studies, action points and a self-evaluation.

We suggest that you nominate a Pupil Premium Champion in your school, who will have ownership of the Handbook and its implementation, and who will spearhead your school’s efforts.

You can access the Handbook through this website. Simply click the box ‘Handbook Log-in’, and enter your username and password.

Your login details are unique to your school and are valid indefinitely.

We suggest that you work through the Handbook, chapter by chapter, over the course of 1-2 terms. Some chapters will be more time-intensive than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need access to the Internet to log in, or can I download the Handbook to my computer?

The Handbook is hosted online, to allow us to regularly update it and keep it relevant, so you’ll be able to access it through the Internet.

Do we have to renew our log-in each year?

No – we just ask for a one-off payment.

Will the Handbook be updated to reflect policy changes or emerging research?

Yes, absolutely. Inclusion Expert consultants are in regular contact with leading academics; we speak at national conferences and keep abreast of government policy. Not only will we update the Handbook to ensure it stays relevant, but if we think it’s sufficiently important, we’ll also email you about changes or news.

How can we promote the fact that we have implemented the Handbook? Can we put something on our website?

Yes! There are two options. Either demonstrate your commitment to your FSM pupils through the Inclusion Expert Award of Excellence which you can highlight on your website with a logo of the award and the wording: ‘Our school is proud to have achieved the Inclusion Expert Award for Excellence in the Pupil Premium as a sign of our commitment to the inclusion of all of our students’ (more details here). Or without the award you can use the following wording: ‘Our School has completed Inclusion Expert’s Pupil Premium Handbook, and we are proud to work hard to help all our pupils’.

What if I want an Inclusion Expert consultant to review our work?

You might have an Ofsted inspection coming up, or perhaps you simply want to ascertain that you have implemented the Handbook as effectively as possible. We can arrange for one of our consultants to visit your school, as we are based across England. One of them can come to spend a day or two with you to give the green light to the systems you have put in place, or suggest ways to improve them. We can even do this remotely, via Skype. Please contact us at info@inclusionexpert.com to enquire about pricing for this consultancy. Some schools find that this extra investment is good value for money as it ensures that the correct systems are in place and Pupil Premium funding is being utilised efficiently.