Read what school leaders have said about the Handbook:

  • ‘Addington High School started working with Daniel Sobel of Inclusion Expert in February 2014. This was following our Pupil Premium team being fortunate enough to hear him speak at a Pupil Premium conference in December 2013.

    As a school we have a very high proportion of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, and were at an early stage of deciding how to monitor, evaluate and measure the impact of this funding. The Inclusion Expert Pupil Premium Framework has enabled us to build a solid platform to work from, ensuring all available avenues are covered and reported on. The sections are very straightforward and answer all of the relevant questions that are raised by all stakeholders. Links to background information and research were highly valuable when presenting to governors and those not aware of the funding history.

    Section 3 – ‘Dealing with Data’ – was particularly valuable, especially when as a school you are continually being bombarded with spreadsheets. It enabled us to clarify our thinking, keep what was useful and share it with relevant parties, help us to see the overall picture and move towards analysing and ‘Closing the Gaps’. Taking advice and guidance from the subsequent sections allowed streamlining of the monitoring and tracking systems, finally moving towards presentation of the data and impact in a clear and succinct way through our school website.

    This resource was well-presented and accessible throughout, providing guidance and support in a key area for schools across the country.’

    Deputy Head Teacher, Addington High School
  • ‘Of course, we had nothing like this when set off on our journey; we had to make up our own! I’m confident that organisations will find this whole process invaluable in their own personalised journey to create inclusive excellence.’

    Vice Principal, Tavistock College
  • ‘The PP Handbook has helped us to make some very positive changes in terms of how we think of the Pupil Premium at Courthouse Green. We are now beginning to plan for individuals in a way that doesn’t just paper over the cracks but that really makes a difference in the life chances for our children. The way the PP Handbook has been able to question us on our practice while still offering us guidance has been the key element in enabling us to make this progress.’

    Courthouse Green Primary School, Coventry
  • Hodder Education conference  – Pupil Premium: Improving Accountability and Closing the Achievement Gap across Primary Schools

    - 5/5 rating across the board
    - A rounded presentation of Pupil Premium and insight from those transforming schools’ attainment with it
    - A very worthwhile and informative day
    - The range of perspectives being shared was really useful with many positive and challenging questions to take back
    - Helpful, useful and practical points

    Zoe Williamson, Hodder Education