Why buy the Handbook?

  1. It will save you time, money and stress – we bring together all the information and resources you need in seven concise chapters, based on our experience of working with dozens of schools on their Pupil Premiums. This is the most straightforward and comprehensive way to address the Pupil Premium issue.
  2. It’s financially savvy to buy the Handbook – the cost is equivalent to the funding for just one FSM pupil. You’ll earn your money back by signing up just one more student. Tangible financial benefits, increased efficiency and all the answers for the equivalent to dozens of hours of consultancy.
  3. Straightforward guidance through examples, case studies, frameworks, whole-school systems, links to further reading, key action points. No more spending hours before an Ofsted inspection gathering data: we provide all the tracking and monitoring systems in one place.
  4. Long-term, strategic solutions – the issue of social migration is here to stay, and schools need proper planning to support their most disadvantaged pupils. Our guidance and updates will support you for years to come. Remember – this is a marathon, not a sprint.
  5. Choose your pace and place – complete the Handbook at your convenience, either in a few days or a few terms. The Handbook is written by the people who are often called on to speak about the Pupil Premium at conferences and training courses – now you can access all their materials without spending a whole day in a conference centre.
  6. Quality over quantity – we’ll help you spend your funding on a limited number of high quality interventions, with straightforward systems for measuring their immediate impact, value for money, and effect on long-term performance data.
  7. Make a real difference – proper data, planning and frameworks will ensure that you can do something bespoke and very powerful in your school through your Pupil Premium funding.
  8. Demonstrate your Senior Leadership Team’s competence – Ofsted and the DfE view the Pupil Premium as a critical indicator of aptitude and accountability. Show them Premium best practice.
  9. Promote your school as one that’s investing in its Pupil Premium and its most disadvantaged pupils – show your students, staff, parents, local community and Ofsted that the Premium matters to you through our Inclusion Expert Award and through gaining a Postgraduate certification with UEL.
  10. Don’t just take our word for it! Read what others schools have said here about the Handbook.