In The Guardian – Is the pupil premium a silver bullet for social mobility?

For the pupil premium to effectively improve societal issues, more training, frameworks and parental engagement are required, argues inclusion expert Daniel Sobel.

The achievement gap that the pupil premium intends to solve is rooted in wide societal issues. Many critics have argued that throwing money at schools won’t change the underlying problems that affect students on free school meals (FSM), and it’s been reported that the initiative isn’t having the desired impact on FSM students’ progress.

Surprisingly, the Department for Education (DfE) hasn’t given schools advice on what to do with their pupil premium. The message from government seems to say: “We’ve done our bit, we’ve put FSM right at the top of the agenda, we’ve secured £4 billion, and it’s now up to you to work out how to spend it – just make sure to get results.”

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