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Inclusion Expert and the University of East London have worked together to develop an opportunity for you to gain the award of Postgraduate Certificate Creative Leadership in Education through your work on the Pupil Premium Handbook. In order to incorporate the work you are already doing on the Pupil Premium, your postgraduate certificate will comprise an accreditation of experiential learning (AEL) portfolio and an MA module portfolio.

What is AEL and what does it involve?

AEL is the accreditation of experiential learning. It is a process by which you can gain credit towards an academic award for your learning, wherever that learning may have taken place. In order to gain credit you need to be able to show that your learning demonstrates achievement at Masters level. The following tasks will enable you to demonstrate achievement of Masters level learning and practice. These tasks are intrinsically related to the Pupil Premium Handbook. The tasks will enhance and build on learning about needs analysis, intervention, evaluation, recording and reporting for Pupil Premium activity.

What support will I get?

An AEL portfolio guide will be available online along with a discussion forum where you can ask a UEL tutor for any clarification or guidance. Once you have enrolled on the PG Cert programme you can e-mail one draft of your work for formative feedback from a UEL tutor.

How do I make my claim for credit?

You need to be enrolled for an academic award in order to use your portfolio to make a claim for credit. You can enrol on the PG Cert programme and the Leading Change module in September or January.

What does the MA module involve?

You will need to enrol on the MA module at the end of July for a September start, and mid-December for a January start. The module incorporates and builds on work in the Inclusion Expert Pupil Premium Handbook. In particular, the assessment tasks for the module will draw directly upon tasks you have undertaken as part of the Pupil Premium Handbook. Learning and work-based action through the module are accessed via an app that will work on any mobile device and platform. The assessment tasks are designed to facilitate further development of your practice in school. You will also be supported with online tasks and formative feedback from a UEL tutor on work in progress. You will have access to all core and recommended reading online either in the form of e-books or journals from the online UEL library, or in a digitised reading folder for material that is not available as an e-book.

What is the timeline and how much time is involved?

You will need to enrol for the Leading Change module to start in either September or January (see above). You can complete your AEL task at any time but you cannot submit it to make a claim for credit until you have enrolled on the PG Cert programme and the Leading Change module. The AEL portfolio will require a minimum of 10 hours in addition to the time you have spent on the Pupil Premium Handbook. The Leading Change module will require 10 hours a week for 10 weeks; this includes time spent implementing ideas in practice and work-based tasks that are part of your developing role as a leader.

How much will it cost?

The AEL claim will cost £200. The MA module will cost £850 in the 2013-14 academic year. This will enable you to gain the award of Postgraduate Certificate in Education for the discounted price of £1,050 (normal fee = £1,700).

What are the benefits?

The AEL task and module tasks will provide extended and in-depth opportunities for you to further develop your practice in relation to the Pupil Premium in your school. This development will be informed by robust research and evidence and will enhance and build upon your learning through the Pupil Premium Handbook. The MA module assessment will provide an opportunity for you to directly address your own development needs and targets for further action as well as facilitate implementation of ideas and innovation in practice. The award of Postgraduate Certificate will give professional and academic recognition to your learning and will support you in future career choices that you and your colleagues may make.